Avi-ID Live Scan Rolling Fee              

  • Rolling Fee is $25.00
  • Discounts for ten or more applicants

For mobile service charges please call, Thank you.

Avi-ID Ink Fingerprints Rolling Fee   

  • Ink Cards
  • FBI Personal Record Review Package

        Please call for Prices.

If you are rejected and you need to re-submit

  • If you were rejected and we processed your application please come to us we will re-submit your application for free**  
          Please see Rejection Policy

Government Fees (Collected by Avi-ID)

  • FBI                         $17.00   
  • FBI Volunteer       $15.00
  • DOJ                       $32.00
  • Social Services    $10.00 

Here are the most common Live Scan Forms

  1.Blank Request for Live Scan Form

  2.Acupuncture Initial License

  3.Acupuncture Renewal License

  4.Alarm Agent Registration - ACE

  5.Alarm Agent Registration w/Firearm Permit

  6.Alarm Company Qualified Manager Certificate w/Firearm Permit

  7.Alarm Company Operator-ACO/Manager-ACQ License

  8.Ambulance Driver Certificate

  9.Attorney License-Determination of Moral Character 

10.Board of Behavioral Sciences – Clinical Social Worker

11.Board of Behavioral Sciences – Educational Psychologist

12.Board of Behavioral Sciences – Marriage and Family Therapist

13.Board of Behavioral Sciences – Professional Clinical Counselor

14.California Board of Insurance-Resident Producer Licensing

15.CA Department of Corporations -- Broker Dealer Certificate

16.CA Department of Corporations – Escrow Agent’s License

17.CA Department of Corporations – Finance Lender License

18.CA Department of Corporations – Mortgage Banker License

19.CA Department of Corporations - Security Agent Employment

20.CA Department of Social Services - Community Care Licensing

21.CA Department of Social Services - IHSS (Elder Care)

22.CA Department of Social Services – Subsidized Trustline Registry

23.Certified Nurse Assistant (CAN) Sample   --  Blank Live Scan Form

24.Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

25.Check Casher's Permit


27.Dental Board – DDS Examination Unit

28.Dental Board - DSA Sedation Assistant

29.Dental Board – LBC Examination Unit

30.Dental Board – LBR Examination Unit

31.Dental Board -- OA Orthodontic Assistant

32.Dental Board – Registered Dental Assistant

33.Dental Board – Registered Dental Assistant Extended Functions

34.DMV Dealer License

35.DMV Driving School Instructor License

36.DMV Salesperson License

37.DMV Traffic Violation School

38.Home Health Aide (HHA) Sample  --  Blank Live Scan Form

39.Entertainment Firearms Permit

40.Identity Theft (victim)

41.Immigration Consultant

42.License Vocational Nurse

43.License Vocational Nurse Renewal

44.Locksmith Company License

45.Locksmith Employee Registration

46.Marriage & Family Therapist

47.Massage Therapist

48.Massage Therapist Practitioner

49.Notary Public

50.Physical Therapist

51.Physical Therapist Assistant

52.Physician Assistant


54.Private Investigator

55.Private Investigator License w/Firearm Permit

56.Private Patrol Operator 

57.Private Patrol Operator w/Firearms Permit

58.Proprietary Private Security Officer Registration

59.Psychiatric Assistant

60.Psychiatric Assistant License Renewal


62.Real Estate License

63.Real Estate Broker

64.Registered Nursing

65.Registered Nursing License Renewal

66.Repossession Agency Qualified Manager Certification

67.Repossession Agency Employee Registration

68.Respiratory Care Practitioner

69.Security Guard Registration

70.Security Guard w/Firearm

71.Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology Board

72.Structural Pest Control

73.Teacher Credentialing

74.Training Facility Baton Certificate

75.Training Facility Instructor Baton Certificate

76.Training Facility Firearm Certificate

77.Training Instructor Firearm Certificate

78.Veterinarian/Veterinary Technician


Forms of Payment

  • Cash
  • Personal and Business Checks
  • There will be a $1.00 transactions fee for all Debit or Credit charges
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Avi-ID Prices might change without notice. 
Always check our website for current prices.

**Rejection Policy

If you are rejected and the reason for the rejection is poor quality fingerprints* and your application was submitted through our system, do not go to another Live Scan Service Provider. They will charge you a rolling fee plus any government fees you are due for your form. 

Come with us and we will re-submit your fingerprints at no additional cost and only if the reason is "Poor Quality Fingerprints"


If you are rejected or did not get a result due to a mistake you made on the Request for Live Scan Service Form, you will have to pay for fees charged the first time you were fingerprinted (rolling fee and government fees).


If you were rejected due to a mistake we did, please come to us we will process you at no cost to you, period. If you go somewhere else they will charge all fees again.


If you were rejected please you must bring the rejection letter along with the Request for Live Scan Service Form we processed you the first time and our receipt(s). We must have that in order to process you again.

A resubmission will only be done for the same reason you were fingerprinted the first time.


For  the FBI Record Review Package that we processed the following will apply if rejected:

If there was information you told us that was incorrect or your skin was damage or worn out*, the package will be covered except the postage, the postage will be $30.00 and the package will be prepared for you again.

If we prepared the package for your FBI Record Review and we made a mistake and the package was return, we will covered 100% of the costs plus postage.****


* Poor quality fingerprints will mean that your skin is worn-out or scarred, and other skin imperfections that is not our fault or yours. 

If you have cuts or deep scars there is not much you can do to improve ridge patterns. If you have allergies, worn-out skin and other skin issues please avoid chemicals and moisturize your hands daily to improve the ridges in your fingers.

We are open to resolve any issues, please contact us immediately if you have been rejected. It will be our pleasure to help you resolve any othe above mentioned types of Fingerprint Rejections cases.

(818) 646-0680
Please have the agency requesting your background to provide you with the correct Request for Live Scan Service Form. If you know which is the appropriate one please chose from list below and print three copies and fill them out (do not fill out one and make a copy for the other two) all three must be originals. We will not be responsible if you choose a wrong form from our list. Make sure the information is correct and make sure you have provided us with the correct Request for Live Scan Service Form.  If you come to our office and you want us to choose the form for you and later you find out it was the incorrect one, we will not be responsible and we will not refund the money as we have completed our services. Again make sure you, your employer, your lawyer or any other person who is sending  you to take your fingerprints provide you with the correct forms. Thank you.

Attention 10 applicants or more receive a 10% Discount 
in office or mobile services. 

****The above discount will be deducted from our Rolling Fee Only.
Additional government fees will be added to the total amount.

Call us now at (818)646-0680
DREAM ACT Applications

USCIS Applications

Avi-ID has put together all of the required applications for Consideration for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. Please always consult an attorney before submitting any immigration documentation. You will need other very important supporting documents. 

In some occasions you will be asked to have your fingerprints taken before you submit this application, in case if you have had any previous arrests or convictions that can disqualify you for this application.

Again, please consult an Immigration Attorney before submitting this application or any other immigration application.

We will be providing document translations for all your immigration supporting applications. From Spanish to English only.

Click here.

Spanish to English translations

​Birth Certificates                     $50 & up
(if there are more than one BC we will make a discount for you)

Other Document Translations $ 50 & up

Other Fees

Tax Preparation from    $70.00 (Short Form)

Tax Preparation from    $​250.00 (Long Form)

Most Notarizations        $10.00 per signature

Passport Photos           $15.00 (2 photos)

Permission Letter for Minor to Travel $40.00

Any person who knowingly direct or indirect copies any of our documents, work, photos, written information from our website or work in office or out of the office, documents we prepare etc. will be legally prosecuted.

We will not tolerate the unprofessionalism of any individual whether it be one of our clients, a professional in the same field, or an attorney.

Thank you for respecting our work.