Live Scan

Live Scan is required for employment, certifications, career licenses, and much more. The agency requesting your background check should provide you with a Request for Live Scan Service Form. It must be filled out completely by the requesting agency and you.

Ink Fingerprints

Just like Live Scan, Ink Fingerprints are required for employment, certifications, career licenses, Immigration and many other cases.

If the requesting agency gave you an ink card, please don't fill it out. Wait until you come to us or follow the intructions that came with the ink card.

Notary Services

Here are the two most common Notarizations

     - Acknowledgment
     - Jurat / Affidavit

Please know your type of notarization you will be needing, we cannot advice you (we are not attorneys) sorry. 

Immigration Purposes Background Checks

We are the first ones in this field conducting Dream Act Background Checks for many Immigration Attorneys in the Los Angeles County area. Many Immigration attorneys have referred us to their applicants to provide them with fingerprint services because they know we are qualified and Certified by DOJ, FBI & USCIS to roll fingerprints. We were not trained by an eight hour course but with highly qualified USCIS personnel.

95% of all of our competitors are not experienced in the field of fingerprinting like we are. Most of our inexperience competitors will charge you a very low fee to roll fingerprints, but you will be getting a great deal with us because we have experience and we are certified technicians that provide 100% satisfaction service. We are confident your fingerprints will be done right.

If you are uncertain of what you might have on your criminal record, it is best to have your fingerprints taken to conduct the appropriate investigation for a criminal background check. We will provide all "Request for Live Scan Forms" and/or Ink Cards needed.

You must have your fingerprints taken on an FD-258 Ink Card for your FBI Background Check. Remember that the results for this process takes about 13 to 15 weeks. The Live Scan Background Check takes 7 to 10 days, but if don't get the results within 7 to 10 days for this, it is ok, you have to wait 30 before we can start making calls to the requesting agencies and finding out what is the status. If you have a criminal record it will take from 30 days and up.

If you need additional information about the Background Checks please don't hesitate to call us.

Application and Fees

Passport Photos

        2 Photos (2"X2") Passport style
            This is for the United States Passport, Immigration Purposes, and Other             Professional Licenses like, Notary Publics etc.

       6 Photos 35mm X 45mm 
            This size is use for Mexican Passport and other Countries Passports


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We accept the following forms of payment

  • Cash
  • Personal and Business Checks

Spanish to English

  • Birth Certificates
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Divorce Decrees
  • School Documents/ Diplomas
  • And other Spanish Documents.........

If you bring more than one document to translate, we will give you a discount.

Contact us if you would like more information about Document Translations.
Tax Preparation 

            We are available all year long. We recommend you to come to our office for any questions or concerns             regarding your taxes and please bring your last years copy.  If you have other questions please contact 
            us at (818)646-0680.

            What to bring: W2s, 1099s, 1098s, 1095s, or other forms you received in the mail.

            If you have dependents bring: Birth Certificate, Immunization Card, Letter from school or doctor, ID from             school (if it applies) and other documents that we have requested previously.

            If you are not sure what documents to bring please call us.